I am getting ready to leave for the vet office, I will update this when they call me and say that they are done.  I am dropping him off, and they are going to shave him and have him ready for the ultrasound lady, when ever she comes today.  I am soooo excited, I hope they figure out what is wrong, and that is isn't anything too serious!!!

We got some wonderful donations, we only need $95 now!  Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
5/10/2010 11:45:19 pm

The herb milk thistle helps the liver repair itself - buy human supplements and break open the capsule. See if you can get any in his food. There is a great natural medical site for people and pets called Shirley's Wellness cafe online. They may have more. I only pay $50 for an ultrasound - see if they will take less!

5/11/2010 02:47:51 am

I am giving him milk thistle, thanks though! He will not touch wet food right now, so I just give him the capsule after I take some of the powder out. I've read that it is better to divide the dose and give it 4x a day, that it works better or something. My vet told me to give 200-250mg.

I will check out the website, it sounds nice!

The vet may not be making a profit from the ultrasounds, I dont know. A lady comes from out of town to do them, and the clinic writes her checks for her services. I asked, they will not take less since they have to pay her.

I appreciate your help & support, thanks! =)

3/20/2011 10:27:19 am

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