I have not scanned the last blood work yet, but here are the improtant levels from April 30th:
ALP 111
ALT 936
AMY 1241
TBIL 14.7

So according to his bloodwork, he is worse. But he seems like he is slowy progressing over the weeks... eating, playing, ect.

The normal ranges are on the bloodwork.  For example, on April 17th Bear's TBIL (total bilirubin) was 10.6    
The normal range for TBIL is 0.1-.6
Which means it should not be lower than 0.1 in a healthy cat, and it should not be higher than 0.6 in a healthy cat.
Bear's TBIL is waaaay off of the chart, that is why his skin is yellow.

He has a blocked/swollen bile duct, and it is causing his bilirubin (TBIL) to skyrocket.