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Our Emergency Vet Visit.

   April 17th started out like every other day.  In fact it was a normal day... until that night.  I was sitting on the edge of the bed watching tv when I decided that it was time to feed my cats, I stood up to get their food and noticed Bear sitting on the pet steps that are next to the bed.  I reached over and petted him and told him how pretty he was, then I started to walk away to feed the cats.  Something told me to turn around and look at Bear again, that something was not right.  I looked him over.... no blood... acting normal... he was alert and perky... his color was... HIS COLOR!  His skin was bright yellow, like a school bus.  I put him into a carrier with some food and called my vet for an emergency visit.  Bear did not touch the food, which is very odd for him, he is usually a piggy and had been eating up until then.  Off we went.

   At the office, the vet looked Bear over and said "you have one sick kitty."  He ran blood work and it showed that Bears liver was taking a beating.  His levels were waaay off of the chart.  He is in liver failure, We took an xray and there was nothing out of the ordinary on it, you could even see that he even had food in his stomach.  He said if Bear got worse he would try to get up with the lady that comes to the clinic to do ultrasounds, but he said that he has not been able to get a hold of her recently.  The vet had no idea if Bear would make it or not.  He  started Bear on an IV, and gave him several meds, and kept him over the weekend.  Bear still refused to eat.  Bear was the same Sunday and Monday, so the vet sent him home Monday.  The vet told me: "You can give him the meds and assist feed as good as I can, and Bear would be happier at home with you."  So we were sent home with several meds, high calorie Rx food, syringes, and instructions on how to assist feed Bear every 4-5hrs.  
   I have been assist feeding Bear every 4-5hrs around the clock ever since.  He has started to eat a very small amount at a time, at first it was only a few pieces of dry food a day, but now he is eating about 1 cup of baked chicken a day and a few temptation treats.  Bear has just recently started to drink water on his own, but it is not enough.  I have been giving him SubQ fluids at home for over a week now.  He has 5 different types of food near him at all times but he only ever eats a few temptations and a couple pieces of Iams.  He refuses any wet food I give him, even Fancy Feast.  I guess it reminds him of the Rx wet food I assist feed him. 

   Bear has been back to the vet several times for blood work, and the last time he got blood work his levels were a little worse despite his improvements.  I recently got a 2nd vet's opinion (same clinic), to make sure that we are doing everything right and he agreed that we are.  He brought up an ultrasound again, and I agreed that it is a great idea.  He called the lady that comes to them, she did not answer so he left a message for her.  I called the other clinics around town, and they will not let me get an ultrasound and make payments on it, I have to pay in full.  I do not have $240-300 right now, I just maxed out my Care Credit card and now I am charging all of the treatments to my account at the vets office because they will let me pay them back later.  So far I've spent over $1,000 trying to save Bear the last few weeks.  He is worth the time and money, he is a great cat.  Every single time I take him to the vet we get 3-5 comments on how nice he is.  He does not struggle when they take his blood, he was very good when they take xrays, and he has never ever hissed, bit, or even meowed at the vets or vet techs.  He is even good when they shave him to take the blood!  That is just his personality, he is like that when he isn't sick.  I will do whatever it takes to get him better, he is my boy.

You can read more about Bear's journey here. There are more details there, but it is a very long read!

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