Rule #1: Never look directly at the camera. Meowmy will fuss over you more if you don't look. Rule #2: Don't share your pic with your brother, get out of my pic Poodle!
Left to Right: Lacey's doggy butt, Bear ignoring the camera again, Poodle paying attention for once, and Cody hoping I have foods.
Rule #3: look at the camera at the very last minute, but make sure you are mid-blink when the camera clicks!

I will have to get new pics of ther other cats soon, they were not cooperative today lol. Actually no one was! 
Bear is about the same, he hardly ate any food on his own though.  Other than that everything is the same.  He may eat alot one day, he may not eat the next.  Its just the name of the game right now.

Thanks again everyone for your support, we still need it!
skyer, frosty and jeffrey
8/11/2010 02:16:01 am

Bear, you look like you feel better- your little ears don't look yellow anymore. We're sending you our purrs and prayers. We hope that you will get well soon.

8/12/2010 08:08:33 am

Bear!! You do look lots better! We don't notice as much yellow, if any. Come on guy! Start eating on your own!!!! We are purring and purring for you!

4/16/2012 10:13:59 am

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