Bear's jaundice is about half as yellow as he was when this all started!

He threw up a tiny bit today, but he's been keeping most of his food down. Annnd he ate about 1 cup of Iams in 12hrs! He ate a mouthful of Friskies-dry-crap-food today and drank a bit of water too! And I got him to eat a tiny bit of dry C/D the other day.

I am soooo happy about his color though! Surely his bloodwork will be better this time??? I am so worried that it will be even worse, since it was worse last time - even though he seemed better. We go in this week for bloodwork, meds, ect.

Thanks everyone! I think/hope he is finally starting to turn the corner.

5/23/2010 12:22:48 pm

We are all still purring very hard for Bear's complete recovery. Hang in there, Bear!

5/23/2010 01:32:17 pm

Hi Amelia!
Carolina here... Sorry it took so long to come to your blog - in between Florida, new job, etc, it's been kind of hard to get to the blogs... I have been following Bear on TCS though and I got a bit scared there these last few days... I am glad he is back eating and you seem to think he is doing better! I can't wait for the next vet trip to see how things are working - will be praying really really really hard for his numbers to be better!
Many hugs, vibes, prayers, and headbutts from all of us here!

5/24/2010 02:05:54 am

We are so glad to read that Bear is not as yellow. We think that should be good news, but we aren't v-e-t-s so we will keep purring for him to get all better!!!!!!!

5/24/2010 06:06:48 pm

Half as yellow just HAS to be better! We will keep sending the rumbly purrs to Bear (and you) and we hope his next blood test results are good

Whicky Wuudler

5/24/2010 11:46:08 pm

We are purring and praying for Bear and you. We know what you are going through it is hard, I know. Keep us posted on Bear. Sending you hugs, purrs, and prayers.

Bear's Meowmy
5/27/2010 02:16:45 pm

Thanks everyone!

About to update the blog.

Bear sends his love!

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