Just a quick update:

Bear is doing FANTASTIC still! I have not had to force feed him since the 27th and I haven't had to do fluids sine the 25th. He is eating a normal amount of food all by himself and FINALLY drinking water!!! I only reccently caught him drinking water, but he was staying hydrated somehow (skin snapped right back when tugged) without me giving him fluids. He could have been drinking water though, it's hard to tell with multiple cats. 

He is mainly eating dry, though he does eat a little wet every day.  He still won't eat the brand of food I want him on but that does not even matter at this point!!! Well it does sort-of matter because it increases his chances of a urinary infection & crystals since he has those problems really bad, but so far he is doing ok off of urinary food. I'll take urinary issues over liver issues ANY day! Neither would be nice though....

I heard the BEST sound the other day.... I got home & walked in the door, Bear came running up to me making his very best "I AM STARVING TO DEATH" meow.  So he went in the dog crate with a bowl of food, much to his delight. I haven't heard that meow in almost 5 months, it was deeply missed! lol

I have to put him by himself to eat, he only eats a very small amount at a time so I have to feed him many times a day.  If I fed the other cats 10 times a day.... well they would not be able to fit through the doorway & my vet would be madddd. lol.  So Bear has a wire dog crate set up with a bowl of food, and he lets me know when he wants to go in it to eat.  Sometimes I have to ask him to get in, I just open the door & say "Come on Bear, food" and he jumps right in on his own.  I get many evil looks from the other cats too, they don't understand why he gets to eat so many times, and they are deeply upset that I figured out how to push Bear's bowl far into the back corner of the cage so they can't stick their fat paws through the bars & steal his food. Yes, Cody, Chicken, and Poodle, I am talking about YOU.  It's not nice to steal from your sick brother. Well, it's not nice to steal EVER actually.

I love my silly black cat! & I love you guys that helped us get through this!

~Bear's Meowmy~
9/7/2010 01:04:02 am

Terrific news. So glad to hear Bear is doing so much better. :)

9/7/2010 02:20:57 am

Yay! We are so happy Bear is doing so well!!

9/7/2010 03:10:42 am

Oh this news just gets better and better! It's wonderful that he's really getting back to normal. You have done such a great job of nursing him.

Yo Bear!


9/7/2010 03:48:21 am


Keep up that eating and drinking Bear!

Hmph...this site doesn't like all my exclamation points. How else are we to convey our extreme happiness?

9/7/2010 06:41:59 am

Great news! Eating and Drinking are very important!!

Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

9/7/2010 10:00:00 am

yay! what great news. scarf up that food bear!

9/7/2010 10:25:04 am

Way to go, Bear!!!!

9/7/2010 11:13:33 am

That's great news! Yay Bear! We're still purring ...

9/7/2010 11:20:30 am

Yay, Bear. Eat, kittie. Drink, kittie.

9/13/2010 11:03:37 pm

Great news! 5 months of nursing care, vet bills and worry...having Bear still with you...priceless!

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