Don't have time to make a full post, but I wanted Bear's Angels (you all) to know that he is doing SUPER!  Eating, drinking, playing, smacking Bella...... ooops! =D

Bella said it's ok.... she got him right back, LOL!

He looks so amazing, I sit here & look at him but it is so hard to imagine that just a short time ago I was force feeding, giving SubQ fluids, giving multiple meds multiple times a day, and holding my breath for him to just eat. I just can't wrap my mind around it. I can't believe that this alert, happy, slightly pudgy cat was staying at the vets office for a few days fighting for his life just 5 months ago... To the point that the vet was telling me to prepare myself, that it did not look good for Bear at all.

The same Bear that was just chasing my other cat around tonight playing chase-me-chase-you.  That same cat is curled up sleeping on my pillow, and that same cat is about to eat food all by himself since it's time to eat. I will never ever take any of this for granted, it took way too much time and effort to get this far. These little things just make my day. =)

~Bear's Meowmy~
9/28/2010 04:23:42 am

Yay! I've been wondering how "our" Bear was doing. So glad to see this update.

9/30/2010 06:52:38 am

WOO HOO!!! We are so glad Bear is still doing well. Give him scritches for our Meowm and we are sending gentle headbutts to him.

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