Sorry it's been a few days, I've been feeling icky myself the last few days.

He threw up quiet a bit yesterday morning, but he's kept everything down since then.  He still acts like he feels a little off, he wants to rest for the most part.  He did eat some hambuger today, just a bit though. His color *might* be a little lighter, but it's really hard to tell.  I will probably get him to the vet's for bloodwork a little sooner than 2wks because he is getting low on meds.

I will update in a couple days, Thanks everyone! =)
5/17/2010 08:20:05 am

You have another $63.00 in very generous donations, so I don't think you need worry about the costs.
You just keep taking care of Bear.
Love & Purrs,
KC and Mom ML

5/17/2010 03:57:53 pm

We're still purring hard for Bear. Hope he feels a better soon and the bloodwork shows he's improving


5/18/2010 02:05:49 am

Hang in there Bear!!! And hang in there Bear's Mom!!!! We are still purring!

5/19/2010 01:12:06 am

Hi Bear and Bear's mom,

We are purring and praying for you both. Please hang in there!

Bear's Meowmy
5/19/2010 11:30:20 am

Thanks everyone!

I am posting an update right now. =)

12/29/2011 10:48:59 am

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