He is waiting on his ultrasound. Great news though!!! He is up to 8.5lbs now! His last weigh-in was 7.1lbs! I still want him gain more, he would be good at 9lbs. He did not eat much on his own today, but I still got food down him.

I will update when I heard from the vet!

Anyone who wants to help me with Bear's ultrasound bill can contact my vet and pay them directly:

                                               Highland Animal Hospital
                                                       (910) 484-2131
                                   Open from 8:30am-5:30pm Eastern Time

              All they need is my name (Amelia Simon) and Bear's name (Bear Simon).

If it's more convenient, you can pay here though Paypal: http://furriendsofcb.blogspot.com/2010/05/help-save-bear.html 

Every single penny counts, we really appreciate it!!!  We only owe $95 dollars now, thanks to donations!
5/11/2010 03:25:12 am

Best of luck Bear, hope the ultrasound reveals nothing amiss. It's wonderful that you have gained weight back. That's a real acheivement with a liver issue.

Rumbly purrs to you little fella (and to your Mom)

Whicky Wuudler

Bear's Meowmy
5/11/2010 04:08:41 am

Thanks for your kind words, it means alot to us!!!

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