Spidey cat lol. I put him on a low branch of this tree, he liked it!

Making faces at the dog.  For some reason, he acted like he didn't know Lacey. I had her out too while I walked Bear around, Bear acted like he had no idea who she was.  He poofed up and wanted to go charging up to her, probably to bop her in the face lol. 
He totally ignores the dog when they are in the house.
You can see his fur growing back here, the flash made him look brown lol.

He is at a great weight, only due to me assist feeding him.

Surveying the land.  He was a little worried about being outside, but I was suprised because he is normally terrified of outside.

Yes, my meowmy is one of those weridos that walks their cat on a leash.... =)

Something went wrong with the Paypal button, AGAIN.  It was working last night... I am off to go see if I can figure it out!
7/30/2010 06:39:04 am

Bear looks so good!!! You are doing a fantastic job with him!!!!

7/30/2010 10:28:00 am

Bear, look at you up that tree! You're looking good!! It's because you've got a mom that's taking great care of you! We're still purring for you and hoping you stay happy!

7/31/2010 01:56:05 am

Bear is looking very perky and enjoying his time outside. This is great. You have done a wonderful job in helping him recover.

Rumbly purrs and love to you both

Whicky Wuudler

Bear's Meowmy
8/2/2010 06:38:32 pm

Thanks everyone for the nice comments! I was admiring how beautiful he was today, and he looks so good! He will look 100% after his hair finishes growning back in, if only his liver looked as good. We should be getting bloodwork in a week or so, I am trying to juggle the neccesities right now (meds, fluids, Rx food, syringes, needles)and after that is taken care of for this month he will get his bloodwork.

To anyone who is trying to donate, I had to re-verify my account. Apparently Paypal is making me redo it because I went to $0 lol. I am just waiting on them now, then I can accept your gracious donations. =)

Thanks again everyone, Bear sends his love.

PS, I can't leave comments on some of your blogs, I don't have a "Google ID" "Blogger" the only time I can leave a comment is if it is a "open" url thingy.

4/8/2012 10:48:46 am

Thanks.most of your articles and your different point of view.

4/19/2012 05:41:02 pm

If failed. Please don't choose to give up.

4/28/2012 10:40:18 am

i trully enjoy most of your articles and your different point of view. Thanks.

7/5/2012 04:35:51 pm

Did not pay the person is not qualified to talk about success.

7/23/2012 07:47:00 pm

misfortune, how, see not in introspection.

8/9/2012 12:14:17 pm



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