Took Bear to the vet today!!!!!!! His bloodwork is almost normal!!!!!!!!!!!!

All of the levels are perfect except for ALT. It is 541 when it should be 100. That is still great because it was 1228 the last time!!!!

My regular vet was not there, but the 2 vets that saw Bear & his bloodwork results today were FLOORED. They both have seen Bear since he has been sick. They can't belive he made it, one said "Bear came back from the land of the lost." He said that cat's usually die when their liver gets that far gone. They both remembered how yellow he was too, before even looking at my record one vet said Bear's color is fantastic! Both vets were smiling from ear to ear, lol. They told me over and over how amazing this is.

He weighs 10.5lbs now, he was under 9 last time. The vet said Bear is not fat, that he has alot of muscles. He also said Bear's fur was the sofest fur he had felt. He took Bear off of the antibiotics too. He said I should keep on doing the fluids every few days, as needed since Bear is not drinking water still.

Yesterday Bear only ate 1 Meow Mix cup, it is 1.75oz of wet food (compare that to a 5.5oz can of food...) so I had to force feed him. I just go day by day, some days he barely eats and once in a while he will pig out. But we are getting there!!!

Iam going to find a "thank you" card tomorrow and send it to the vets, they all are so awesome at my office! I am going to call Bear's regular vet Monday & let him know about Bear's new bloodwork. Apparently he doesn't work on Fridays, it is the same office though.

If I had enough "thank you" cards & stamps you all would be getting cards too, lol! I got pretty down in the dumps for a while.... I remember a while back, thinking Bear was getting better, but when I took him in for bloodwork it turned out that he was a little worse. I went home that day and just had a total breakdown, I was doing my very best and he was worse. I felt so helpless. But you all really helped keep my spirits up & keep trying.

This is such a breath of fresh air, it feels like I've been holding my breath forever & now I can breathe.

I have to be the HAPPIEST cat mommy ever!!!!!!!!!!! __________________
8/28/2010 05:49:35 am

Excellent mews!! Yes, the sq fluids also help keep the gut hydrated well while it is healing from the pancreas insult. I did that for Spot (who had IBD and pancreatic abscesses) for many months--figured it couldn't hurt and also, as he was almost 15 years old, thought it would help his kidney function too.

8/28/2010 06:06:51 am

This is the most wonderfulest news!!!!!! We are so very glad to read this! Now we will focus on purring for those last numbers to get to normal...and for Bear to be gobbling up food and water on his own!!! Hugs to you and scritches to Bear!!!

8/28/2010 11:27:32 am

Terrific news! We're so happy for you and for Bear.

8/28/2010 09:42:46 pm

What excellent news! The fact that Bear has put on weight is such a great sign and with those ALT values, it just couldn't be better. The fluids must be really helping him.

He's been through so much, and so have you so we will keep sending the rumbly purrs for Bear to get back to his former great health.

Whicky Wuudler

8/29/2010 06:14:53 pm

What wonderful news. The power of the purr works!

8/29/2010 06:38:31 pm

This is fabulous news -- Bear is a miracle kitty! :-)

8/29/2010 07:35:22 pm

Wonderful news! We are very happy for you and Bear.

8/29/2010 08:36:56 pm

We are dancing for joy. Great mews that Bear is doing so well. Healing purrs.

8/30/2010 03:57:17 am

Yay! This is such good news!! We hope Bear continues to do well!!

8/30/2010 05:52:10 am

We are so happy for you and sweet Bear!!! Continued purrs for Bear's improvement.

8/30/2010 10:23:55 am

yippeeee! what great news!!! we are so happy for you!

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