I counted wrong, he is on 7 meds not 6 lol.  One has to be refrigerated and I always forget to count it too.  At the beginning of all of this I was saving all of his empty med bottles and empty SubQ bags, I was afraid he wasn't going to make it and I wanted some things to remember him by.  After a few weeks of saving bottles/boxes/bags it turned into a habit; empty a bottle of meds and just throw in it the box.  So without really realizing it, I now have a huge amount of Bear's medical stuff.    
The dog wanted to help me lol, That is 4 months worth of his medical stuff, there are a few bottles/bags missing and his massive oral syringe collection isn't in this pic.  He has dozens of feeding syringes that are broke because they get hard to push the food out after a while.  All of the stuff in the pic is empty. And a lot of you have helped me get those meds too, you guys are beyond amazing.      

His schedule is like this:
-Morning, before I give him his 1st feeding:
1) Denosyl (empty stomach, cant feed him for an hr)
2) Famotidine
3) Amoxicillion
4) Metronizole
5) Milk Thistle  

-Afternoon, before 2nd feeding:
1) Milk Thistle    

-Night, before 3rd feeding:
1) Amoxicillion
2) Metronizole
3) Ursodiol
4) Pred
5) Milk Thistle    

-Before I go to bed (sometimes he gets a 4th feeding, it depends on him. He lets me know if it is too much food):
1) Milk Thistle
2) SubQ Fluids      

It sounds a little more overwhelming than it is, it only takes me a few seconds to get the meds down him, 5-10mins to assist feed him, and only 2-3mins to do fluids. I get about 1 and a half cans of Hills l/d per day down him.  And sometimes he eats on his own on top of that. Like today, he about about 1/4  cup of dry food in the last 24hrs.  I try skipping one of his feedings once in a while (and feeding less) hoping he will get hungry, but so far it does not improve his appetite any.

Thanks again everyone, for helping me get his meds/vet care. I will never forget it.

Bear and I send our love to each and every one of you!
8/7/2010 09:22:18 pm

Wow, that's a lot of stuff.
Just so glad Bear maked it and is doing well.
Tha Cat Blogosphere is that bestest place in tha world wif tha biggest hearts effurr.
I's so glad Bear is okay.
Love & Purrs,

8/7/2010 10:05:32 pm

That is so great that Bear is doing better. It is good to hear an update. And it is so great that he is eating a little bit on his own. You sure have done a wonderful thing for him giving him all those meds. I am sure Bear is very thankful.

8/7/2010 10:56:47 pm

It's great that Bear is such a good patient! You take such good care of him. We hope he continues to do well.

8/7/2010 11:32:17 pm

We think Bear is a great patient for taking all that medication - we're pleased he is eating some on his own now.

8/8/2010 12:26:01 am

You're evidently an experienced nurse. You've certainly had the practice. And very glad Bear is doing better with your nursing skills.

8/8/2010 04:49:18 am

great news that bear is doing so well. i am sure the love you give bear has helped him to improve. keep up sharing your love and we will continue to pray for bear.

8/8/2010 06:59:21 am

We are just catching up with visiting...good to read your post and hear how Bear is faring...you are a good nurse! Our mewmmie is a cat nurse and she said you are doing the bestest job!

'Kaika's mom
8/9/2010 07:53:37 am

We are so happy to hear that Bear is doing so well! You are a wonderful caregiver to him. And I think you're doing the right thing by focusing more on what Bear is telling you rather than what the test results say.

Continued purrs from my kitties for Bear.

8/10/2010 03:46:35 am

Goodness Bear!!! You are so good to take all that medicine for your Mom!!!

We are very glad to read that Bear is eating a bit on his own. We will keep purring that he starts eating everything on his own, that his liver values improve and he gets completely well!!!!!!!

Hugs to you for taking such good care of him! And gentle headbutts and scritches to Bear.

10/25/2010 06:04:20 am

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12/14/2010 03:47:45 pm

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