I just heard from the vet, the ultrasound lady finally called him back and she is coming tomorrow!!! I had to reallly bargin with him though. He said it is $280. I asked and the way it works is you pay the clinic, and they write a check to the lady the same day. I told him that I just maxed out my Care card and that I only have $80 in my pocket, and that I needed $20 to pay my care bill this month - That all I could give him was the $60 right now and I would pay him asap. He started to say that I could pay $160 a month, but I explained to him that I honestly would not have that to give him, that the best I could do was $50 (that is realllly stretching it too) but I told him when my next refund check came from school that I would give him all of it if I had to. He finally agreed. God I love my vet! No idea when I will get my next refund check, it may be months since I just got one (it came the day before Bear got sick, and I used every penny of it for his vet care).  I need to pay it off asap because they could refuse to keep treating Bear until I pay them.  I am having a hard enough time trying to pay for Bear's meds, I don't know if they will let me charge those to my account too.  When I get there tomorrow I will explain that I am trying to get donations to help pay for the ultrasound, he was very hesitant to agree to do it.

So I still need the help, but now we have more time to get it.  I understand if anyone is leary of helping.  If you want to help but are worried that I am lying about my situation, I would be happy to email you scans of Bears vet bills, bloodwork, and give you the name and phone number of my vet clinic.  I am in the process of setting up a "Pitch In" account, I will update when I have it ready.

Bear threw up this morning, but he kept everything else down.  He ate about 1/4 cup of baked chicken, a few pieces of Iams dry cat food, and a couple Temptation treats.  I am about to go feed him and give him his fluids, poor fellow.

I will keep this updated, thanks for reading!
5/10/2010 08:31:56 am

We read about Bear on the Cat Blogosphere and came by to wish Bear a speedy recovery from this. It sounds like he has been on sick kitty! So glad you were able to work out payment with your vet. We hope all the funding you need comes through. Purrs and tail wags.

Bear's Mommy
5/10/2010 10:05:57 am

Thank you for the kind wishes! It means a lot to us! <3


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