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Took Bear to the vet today!!!!!!! His bloodwork is almost normal!!!!!!!!!!!!

All of the levels are perfect except for ALT. It is 541 when it should be 100. That is still great because it was 1228 the last time!!!!

My regular vet was not there, but the 2 vets that saw Bear & his bloodwork results today were FLOORED. They both have seen Bear since he has been sick. They can't belive he made it, one said "Bear came back from the land of the lost." He said that cat's usually die when their liver gets that far gone. They both remembered how yellow he was too, before even looking at my record one vet said Bear's color is fantastic! Both vets were smiling from ear to ear, lol. They told me over and over how amazing this is.

He weighs 10.5lbs now, he was under 9 last time. The vet said Bear is not fat, that he has alot of muscles. He also said Bear's fur was the sofest fur he had felt. He took Bear off of the antibiotics too. He said I should keep on doing the fluids every few days, as needed since Bear is not drinking water still.

Yesterday Bear only ate 1 Meow Mix cup, it is 1.75oz of wet food (compare that to a 5.5oz can of food...) so I had to force feed him. I just go day by day, some days he barely eats and once in a while he will pig out. But we are getting there!!!

Iam going to find a "thank you" card tomorrow and send it to the vets, they all are so awesome at my office! I am going to call Bear's regular vet Monday & let him know about Bear's new bloodwork. Apparently he doesn't work on Fridays, it is the same office though.

If I had enough "thank you" cards & stamps you all would be getting cards too, lol! I got pretty down in the dumps for a while.... I remember a while back, thinking Bear was getting better, but when I took him in for bloodwork it turned out that he was a little worse. I went home that day and just had a total breakdown, I was doing my very best and he was worse. I felt so helpless. But you all really helped keep my spirits up & keep trying.

This is such a breath of fresh air, it feels like I've been holding my breath forever & now I can breathe.

I have to be the HAPPIEST cat mommy ever!!!!!!!!!!! __________________
                                                             Bear is doing ok still! =)

     He still requires force feeding once a day, but he has been eating about 1 Meow Mix cup of wet food, a little bit of dry, and sometimes some chicken broth every day.  Some days he eats a little less, sometimes he eats a little more.  One day I got him to eat 2 of the Meow Mix cups! 

     I have cut his fluids back, we are not on a definative schedule though.  I go by how much he eats, if it is wet food or dry, how fast his skin snaps back, and how fast the fluids absorb into his body. See, when you give a kitty fluids there will be a visible pouch of fluids under their skin, it looks almost tumor-ish until they absorb.  If it is taking longer than normal for the fluids to absorb, then you are probably giving too much.  If it absorbs really fast, then you need to give more fluids.

    Lately I have been giving him 100 units of SubQ fluids every 2-3 days and this seems to be enough.

   I still have not seen him drink any water that is why he still gets fluids, we will get there one day though!


     My friend Jacky is having a hard time, her 18yr old cat Coco is very sick.  Coco has CRF, anemia, and many other problems.  Jacky loves Coco and will do anything to get her better, please check out her blog!


Get well soon Coco!

Thanks again for your support, well wishes, prayers, and donations for Bear. We are very grateful for them!

~Bear & Meowmy~
Bear didn't eat much on his own yesterday, so I had to force feed him but last night he ate 1 cup of dry food!  He hasn't ate much today, but I hope he pigs out tonight like he did yesterday.

I am getting him to the vets for blookwork as soon as paypal sends the check. =)

Thanks again everyone!

~Bear's Meowmy~

Great update....

Bear's appetite has slowly been improving over the last few days, I really think this may be it. He might be over this in 2-5 weeks if he keeps improving at this rate.

I was force feeding him 3-4 times a day, but earlier this week I felt comfortable enough to cut back to 2 times a day because he was eating enough for me to cut back some more. Yesterday & today I only force fed him once per day. He has been eating about 2/3 cups of dry food per day for the last 2-3 days.

Tonight I got him a few cans of Fancey Feast and Meow Mix in the plastic cups, just to give it a try again. He has not been eating wet on his own for a long time, except every once in a while where he woult eat a teaspoon of it, then make a face and walk away. I gave him one of the Meow Mix cups, he ate about half of it. I waited a couple hours and gave him the other half.  HE ATE IT!  It was a 2.75oz cup!!!

Guys, you have NO IDEA how happy I am about this!!!! I am scared to get too happy, because he could easily go back downhill but he is SO CLOSE to being normal again!!!!

I think he weighs close to 11lbs now, which is slightly overweight for him. I am not going to cut back his food anytime soon though. Not with known liver issues. When he gets better, and his bloodworks come back normal THEN I will focus on his weight.  I need your help again though,   I have some money towards the next vet visit, but not nearly enough. I really really want to get his bloodwork, I want to see if the levels are close to normal now (hopefully).

I've decided to not get the biopsy, he is way better now.  I feel that it really isn't needed at this point.

I just had to share the news, I can't even believe it myself.

Everyone has been AMAZING to us, I wish I could hug each and every one of you!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rule #1: Never look directly at the camera. Meowmy will fuss over you more if you don't look. Rule #2: Don't share your pic with your brother, get out of my pic Poodle!
Left to Right: Lacey's doggy butt, Bear ignoring the camera again, Poodle paying attention for once, and Cody hoping I have foods.
Rule #3: look at the camera at the very last minute, but make sure you are mid-blink when the camera clicks!

I will have to get new pics of ther other cats soon, they were not cooperative today lol. Actually no one was! 
Bear is about the same, he hardly ate any food on his own though.  Other than that everything is the same.  He may eat alot one day, he may not eat the next.  Its just the name of the game right now.

Thanks again everyone for your support, we still need it!
  I counted wrong, he is on 7 meds not 6 lol.  One has to be refrigerated and I always forget to count it too.  At the beginning of all of this I was saving all of his empty med bottles and empty SubQ bags, I was afraid he wasn't going to make it and I wanted some things to remember him by.  After a few weeks of saving bottles/boxes/bags it turned into a habit; empty a bottle of meds and just throw in it the box.  So without really realizing it, I now have a huge amount of Bear's medical stuff.    
The dog wanted to help me lol, That is 4 months worth of his medical stuff, there are a few bottles/bags missing and his massive oral syringe collection isn't in this pic.  He has dozens of feeding syringes that are broke because they get hard to push the food out after a while.  All of the stuff in the pic is empty. And a lot of you have helped me get those meds too, you guys are beyond amazing.      

His schedule is like this:
-Morning, before I give him his 1st feeding:
1) Denosyl (empty stomach, cant feed him for an hr)
2) Famotidine
3) Amoxicillion
4) Metronizole
5) Milk Thistle  

-Afternoon, before 2nd feeding:
1) Milk Thistle    

-Night, before 3rd feeding:
1) Amoxicillion
2) Metronizole
3) Ursodiol
4) Pred
5) Milk Thistle    

-Before I go to bed (sometimes he gets a 4th feeding, it depends on him. He lets me know if it is too much food):
1) Milk Thistle
2) SubQ Fluids      

It sounds a little more overwhelming than it is, it only takes me a few seconds to get the meds down him, 5-10mins to assist feed him, and only 2-3mins to do fluids. I get about 1 and a half cans of Hills l/d per day down him.  And sometimes he eats on his own on top of that. Like today, he about about 1/4  cup of dry food in the last 24hrs.  I try skipping one of his feedings once in a while (and feeding less) hoping he will get hungry, but so far it does not improve his appetite any.

Thanks again everyone, for helping me get his meds/vet care. I will never forget it.

Bear and I send our love to each and every one of you!

    100% of donations go towards Bear's medicine & vet bills.


    I am mommy to 6 cats and a doggy, we live in North Carolina. I am a college student trying to take the best care of my animals. Right now I have been very busy trying to nurse Bear back to health, but due to the lack of money, I need your help!


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