Spidey cat lol. I put him on a low branch of this tree, he liked it!

Making faces at the dog.  For some reason, he acted like he didn't know Lacey. I had her out too while I walked Bear around, Bear acted like he had no idea who she was.  He poofed up and wanted to go charging up to her, probably to bop her in the face lol. 
He totally ignores the dog when they are in the house.
You can see his fur growing back here, the flash made him look brown lol.

He is at a great weight, only due to me assist feeding him.

Surveying the land.  He was a little worried about being outside, but I was suprised because he is normally terrified of outside.

Yes, my meowmy is one of those weridos that walks their cat on a leash.... =)

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Hi everyone!

Bear is about the same, I am fairly certain that he has gained a pound or so too!  He refused to eat anything on his own for a couple weeks, but I recently got him eating a little again.  I still have to assist feed him 3-5 times a day, he is on the same meds still, and he still has to have fluids every day.  He is still actiong 100% though, he plays, purrrs, is bright-eyed, and more importantly, he seems as happy as always.

He is just the cat that keeps on fighting!  I am still fighting to save up money for his liver biopsy, it is $300-500 that I do not have at the moment.  It is costing about $200 per month for Bear's meds/fluids/food.  I have opted to hold of on getting Bear's bloodwork for a while, it is not helping him recover in any way.  We just do lood work, see that his liver is still bad, and keep on doing the same treatment.  Even if his liver levels were 999999999999999+ when we check, there is NO WAY I could pts a cat that acts sooooooooo normal, happy, and content. If he were suffering and wasting away, yes it would be a hard choice, but it would be the right choice.  So the blood work, IMHO, is pointless right now.  I need to save every dollar for his surgery.  If any of you can help, it would be amazing. 

I should be getting a refund check from school in 3+ months, and I am working on getting a job.  I kinda regret not taking summer classes because I would have recieved a refund check aout now for those, but there was no way I could have taken care of Bear and went to class.  He needed around the clock care, and still does, but I have managed to slowly cut back his fiorce feedings (he is still getting the same amount of food per day) so that I can leave him long enough to go to class.  I have been working for weeks to get him where he is now.  What took so long is that, in the begining, he could only hold down 2-3 syringes of food (he would throw up if I did more), so I had to feed him every few hrs so that he had enough food in him per day.  I slowly worked him up to 5 syringes, and that was all he could hold for a long time.  Today he can hold 7, AND I have the bonus of him eating about a cup of dry on his OWN per day!

My cat is just as perky and happy now as he is in the picture on the top right.  In fact lately, every morning he insist on pulling the blind cords down (I keep them put up so the cats will not have an accident with them) and taps them on the window until I get up.  Then he meows at me like he is telling me off for sleeping or something. LOL!  I love that cat, he is so silly. I don't get mad, in fact I almost die laughing, the look on his face is sooooo funny: "Ohhh Hi!!! Did the noise bother you? ...That's nice, lets play!" Which gets all the other cats screaming "OMG OMG OMG!!! YOUR UP!!! TIME TO EAT!!!! NOWWWW!!!!!!!" So I guess you could say that Bear rings the dinner... erm, breakfast bell in the morning, lol!

All of my other fur kids are still doing great, thank God!  I appreciate every day that Bear is still with me, he is a miracle baby.

I will try to get pics up soon, thanks for all of your support!  We would not have made it this far without you all. <3

    100% of donations go towards Bear's medicine & vet bills.


    I am mommy to 6 cats and a doggy, we live in North Carolina. I am a college student trying to take the best care of my animals. Right now I have been very busy trying to nurse Bear back to health, but due to the lack of money, I need your help!


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