Bear got worse over the last 3 days, not eating on his own, throwing up 2+ times a day and he felt bad too. I could not keep his stomach med down him and that just made the vomiting worse. Fast forward to today, I finally got him to keep the stomach meds down (and the other meds too) and he feels better-like he did before the last 3 days. I was SO worried that he was taking a turn for the worse.  He has to keep those stomach meds down, or he can not keep any f

In case someone needs this info one day: What ended up working was feeding him only one syringe (1 syringe - 1 tbs, he usually gets 3) of food 5 hrs before I gave him the meds, then I gave him 1/2 syringe with his meds, then I waited 5 more hrs before I fed him 2 syringes. I am slowly increasing his amount of food, until we are back at 3 syringes.

He watched the birds at the feeder today, wanted extra lovins, ate 1/2 cup of chicken and a few Temptations, and acted like he felt better than he did the last 2 days.

Here are the meds that he is on:
  -Ursodiol 50mg/once a day
  -Famotidine (I think this is Pepcid) 5mg/once a day
  -Metronidazole 1/4 of a 250mg tab/ twice a day
  -Pred 2.5mg/once a day
  -Amoxicillin liquid 1cc/twice a day
  -SubQ fluids/100 units per day, if he is vomiting I give him 200 units.

And I give him about 200mg of Milk Thistle per day, if he is not vomiting. I try to divide it up, I read that it's best if you divide the dose into 4 times a day.

Wooo, see why I need a list when I go to the vet? lol

Someone donated $120 to Bear's fund reccently! I tried to email them a thank you, but their email did not work.... so if you are out there reading this, thank you from the bottom of my heart! That is going to help me get his bloodwork, meds, Rx food, and SubQ fluids. The above applies to everyone else who donated too, I just didn't get to email this person a thank you. I emailed everyone else a "thank you" who paid through paypal, since it sends out their email addys.  I don't have to worry about his vet bills for a while! =)

Thanks again everyone, your support is keeping me sane through all of this.


05/20/2010 01:11

So glad Bear is over that blip and is feeling better. I know how hard it can be nursing a very poorly cat, so make sure that you get enough rest too.

Still purring for Bear (and you)


05/20/2010 04:24

Poor poor Bear! God bless him! xxxxx

05/20/2010 13:24

You hang in there Bear!!! Keep eating as much as you can and drinking lots of water!!! We are purring and purring for you to get all better!!!

05/20/2010 23:52

I am so happy that Beat is feeling better. I hope and pray that he continues to improve and Herman sends healing purrs.

05/22/2010 23:16

Hang in there Bear!

05/23/2010 00:16

Keep on getting better, Bear!
I'll be purring for you.

Bear's Meowmy
05/23/2010 14:54

Thank everyone!

He is doing a bit better today!!!!

05/24/2010 04:08

Good news that Bear is feeling better. We will keep purring and praying for Bear until he is all well.


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